WL//WH Video Of The Day : LOBBY “Violence In Your Eyes”

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In 2017, old school mates Lino Etchegaray (guitar), Nabil Bourdareau (synths), Timothée Roze Des Ordons (vocals), and Tom Déjeans (bass) formed Lobby out of their common love for New Wave and Post-Punk. Based in Bordeaux, France their desire is to synthesize the rock of the 2000’s with that of the 80’s. “The result is a powerful hybrid, cold, willfully kitsch but always impeccably melodious : the melancholy search of an era they have not lived but they idealize.”

A new video for the song “Violence In Your Eyes”, off the forthcoming debut album “Fragrance” slated to be released in December 2018 via Solange Endormie Records, was just dropped!  “The sound is clean, modern, surgical. Yet the recipe remains the same: riffs of synths and guitars mix and get tangled, well helped by a reverb present at all levels and a bass overkill.”

Orchestral synths of pain and agony soar as a man stares in shocked disbelief while a woman hides her face in shame: the words LOBBY VIOLENCE IN YOUR EYES appear on the screen. It is immediately apparent that this is not an ordinary music video, something big is about to be revealed.

Director Antonin Sohier, AKA Cocobird and actors Clara Poulet & Mathieu Caron portray the dualistic themes of love-hate, pleasure-pain, and helping-enabling through bleak conflicting scenes of severe domestic violence (by both parties) and gentle, tender embraces of deep love and passion.

Contrary to the lyrics and visuals, a throbbing bouncy bass line, happy, carefree, joyful synth melodies, energetic crystalline guitar riffs, and tempo keeping drum clashes swell as a cassette of The Clash, “Combat Rock” is put into a tape player reminding us of the decade from which the inspiration of the video was drawn.

A bright sunny cheerful day fills the screen as lovers kiss passionately switching quickly to a dark venue where the band plays as quiet, timid, and haunted vocals become the last piece to the symphonic enigma. Heavy boundless bass, urgent bleeding guitar, lush synths, and moderate drum beats reveal an atmosphere of mental illness, co-dependency, and permissions that fuel the vicious cycle of abuse and brutality.

Innocent naive pleads of desire for the end combined with a tone of fear and anxiety of being alone and having to look into a mirror rise in insistence as the instruments once again swell in intensity showing a life-threatening brutality of rage and uncontrollable behavior.

Flashbacks and disharmonious chaotic instruments, mirroring the irrational behavior of the visuals, flicker and dim as the haunting reality sets in leaving you chilled to the bone.

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