WL//WH Video Of The Day: MIRROR OF HAZE “Forgotten Places, Forgotten People”

Video Of The Day Mirror Of Haze 

Oslo, Norway‘s cold post-punk band Mirror of Haze release the music video, directed and photographed by cottonbro, for their new debut single “Forgotten Places, Forgotten People”, via Brazilian label Wave Records, to capture the strange and unprecedented mood forming during the pandemic months of 2020.

A deeply emotional dramatic interplay of subtly corrosive piercing guitars lines and mechanical rhythms over forlorn vocalizations, in a highly evocative intense funereal pace, to create an alluring and gripping thick mournful air loaded with creeping sinister unease and discomfort.
Doom drone resonance lingers through the eerie winding scorching guitar melodies circular flow, seeping low bass oscillations toxic ebb and flow through electronically charged lashing off-tempo rhythms, to form a scattering jittery resistance over lost, forlorn male vocals long, drawn-out surrender into a hypnotic choral chant, wandering in dire repetition, searching for answers as “people vanish, future’s fade.”
Somber lyrics reflect on the desolate isolation of modern life, where time ceases to exist but for the infinite loop of aloneness from which we draw our sad, solitary comfort.

Black and white video captures a vast barren wasteland swept in a compelling choreographed sequence of bleeding emotional pain. Panoramic desert views roll monochromatic terrain behind a time-lapsed walk of solidarity, blending strong downtrodden facial expressions with intimate slow-motion dance interpretations. Deceptive shadows of doubt transform blinding rays of unforeseen hope through handheld mirrors, casting upside-down reflections of resilience and adaptation into the blurring loop of disconnection.

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