WL//WH Video Of The Day: DAS KLAUS “Körper”

Video Of The Day DAS KLAUS

Purveyors of ‘minimalist, melodic, electronic. German lyrics, international beats and synthesizers from space”, Berlin-based trio Das Klaus release a tongue-in-cheek disco music video for the highly danceable synthetic number Körper mixing minimal lyrics with retro 80s twist rhythms from their latest 14-track album ‘Das LP‘.

Crisp, repetitive mechanical beats cut wicked grooves through oscillating bassline menace, that prowls into undulating hypnosis, winding dance floor auras around insolent voices, echoing bodily functions into the speeding up dimensions of the mind’s eye imagination.

Black vinyl spins round and round, while video editing magic time-lapses red and white 45 R.P.M. spider formations between a comically glitchy and graceful dance sequence, synchronizing jittery head motions with awkward limb movements stuck on an eternal loop of embedded bunny madness.

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