WL//WH Video Of The Day: Bite in Deep with DEUS FAUST at “Mitternacht”

Video Of The Day  Deus Faust

Deus Faust is the trans-Atlantic Dark Wave project of Košice, Slovakia‘s Andre Savetier and Lewiston, Maine‘s Raymond Nelson, who drop a special Halloween Treat in the form of a chilling video for the haunting Vampire-esque track ‘Mitternacht’, inspired by F. W. Murnau‘s foreboding and iconic cult classic from 1922, ‘Nosferatu’.

‘Mitternacht’ triggers ominous pounding beats and electric strikes, wind warbling bass oscillations, and icy synth strain’s chilling chime cinematics around eloquent, soft-spoken male vocal’s mesmerizing charm and sinister sneers while churning atmospheric rhythms roll relentlessly forward.

Haunting lyrics reveal a nightly phenomenon where supernatural entities prowl the after-hours to quench their darkest desires with new soul-stirring sensations.

Creepy flashing strobe effects cast demonic dimensions over the dark recesses of bone-white Gothic architecture to bend time and location between Košice, Slovakia, and Lewiston, Maine using glitchy editing techniques and overexposed dramatic lighting. Belltower overlays sway with menacing shadows over the black mask of death to cloak nocturnal creatures in a macabre camouflage of darkness while awkward body movements and strategic camera angles strike tension and fear into the ‘Midnight’ set as it pulses eerily in sync with the hypnotic soundtrack.

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