WL//WH Video of the Day: RILEV “A veces”

Video Of The Day RILEV

Elusive Mexico City based band, RILEV, made their debut with a very promising 5-track self/titled EP in October 2018, and then finally returns this year with a string of compelling three singles, the last of which is titled “A veces” accompanied by the DIY video.

Nostalgic dreamlike vocals thread an organic floating tapestry of reverb-infused, hazily distorted guitar sound that perfectly bridges ethereal melancholic dream pop and shimmering, slightly noisy, shoegaze.

Atmospheric layers of psychic fog expand along steady hypnotic beats, and low hearty bassline, as deep dreamy, ethereal vocals fall in awe-struck emotion, amid poignant bleeding guitar melodies that rise and fall in brittle distortion.

“A veces” paints a portrait of love with dreamy lyrics that reveal an intimate knowledge of another’s thoughts and desires that only the most profound adoration could provide.

Saturated imagery captures the moment when psychedelic sunsets pierce purple fluffy clouds with rays of white sunshine, bleeding scorched tears of longing onto a shadowy masked silhouette left daydreaming in love. Fields of splendid blooms awaken with slow-motion magic, amid hummingbirds backwards flutter toward butterfly skies, as highway time-lapsed transitions blur into electric orbs under lunar wave revolutions.

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