WL//WH Video Of The Day: RETROVISOR “Personas Invisibles | Invisible People”

Video Of The Day  RETROVISOR  

Cochabamba, Bolivia’s Minimal Dark Wave act, Retrovisor, comprises Huascar Rodríguez and Paola Vargas, who began their creative endeavour as performers of the Japanese psychosomatic contemporary ‘forbidden dance’ called Butoh. This dramatic artistic background reveals itself magnificently in a beautiful, magnetic video, created by Vladimir Alba, Paola Terán, Mauricio Salazar and Alejandra Canelas, for the mystical last end of the year’s single Personas Invisibles | Invisible People.”

“Personas Invisibles” takes the projected alienation, guilt, and fear inflicted from mainstreamers onto fringe dwellers and transforms it into empowering energy of acceptance and courage.

Cold, dark, and alluring dancefloor domains build anticipation with slow prowling bass throbs, steady hypnotic beats, icy twinkling mists, and sexy, sassy vocals to create a mercurial expression of depth defying swirls, shakes, and buzzes illuminated by an uplifting lyrical flow to open hidden doorways of dread with transformative sight.

An intoxicating video by Vladimir Alba, Paola Terán, Mauricio Salazar, and Alejandra Canelas mixes evocative urban shots, edgy streetwear, and twilight moods to set the stage for a groovy night out with Retrovisor. Red filters, neon strobing lights, and slowed time-lapsed dimensions wax and wane in mesmeric frequencies whilst backward flows of motion, impending darkness, and shadowy silhouettes call the viewer into the nocturnal underground of Bolivia.

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