WL//WH Video Of The Day: AMITURE “Billy’s Dream” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day  Amiture  

Amiture, the genre-bending music project of Brooklyn, New York-based sound and visual artists Jack Whitescarver and Coco Goupil, incorporates elements as varied as Electronic, Trip-Hop, Dark Wave, Goth-Pop, Post-punk, and Outlaw Blues with a unique flair, to unveil the lead single and video for “Billy’s Dream“, taken from the anticipated debut full-length LP, “Mother Engine”, scheduled for release on February 9, 2024, via fellow NY record label Dots Per Inch Music.

The dark groovy churn of twisted bluesy vibes set the heady backdrop for Whitescarver’s classically trained voice and Goupil’s gritty, tripped-out-guitar sound where, in “Billy’s Dream”, a blurry layer of claustrophobic distortion glazes over heavily thumping, prowling drum loops, drilling bass vibrations, dim screeching frequencies, and hissing high hats amid layers of inaudible conversation noise, surrounding provocative vocals, alternating soft swaggering urgency and angsty shivering aches, with surreal dissociation.

LP cover artwork

The idea is that everyone here was involved in the past in something intense and illicit, not necessarily in the sense that they’re friends, but they’ve shared something together that isolates them from other people. This sense of closeness in the bar (called “the Safehouse”) anchors the video, and we see all the characters both inside and standing outside the front door, where they are observed by a mysterious pair of detectives. Cut in with this Safehouse footage, we see images of everyone in their “private lives,” in private rooms, doing what they do when they’re alone. Duff explains

Cinematic visuals directed by Cyrus Duff build a visual world for Amiture’s uncanny surrealism and gloomy art-house doom by syncing an edgy and talented crew of actors, who all represent the mysterious, tortured, and alienated Billy Lamb character, with the unique effects and flow of the soundtrack.

Check out the first three Amiture live dates in New York:

11/14 at @mansions.bar
11/21 at @pianosnyc with My Wonderful Boyfriend @controversy_avoider
12/2 at @babysallright with @mandyindiana

Amiture’s full-length debut LP, “Mother Engine”, is scheduled for release, in Vinyl 12″ & Digital formats, on February 9, 2024, via the New York label/collective Dots Per Inch Music.

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photo by cyrus duff