WL//WH Video Of The Day : NAX ft. The Churchhill Garden “Atrapado (En el ámbar eterno)”

Video Of The Day  NAX ft. The Churchhill Garden

“Atrapado (En el ámbar eterno) / Trapped (In the eternal amber)” is brand new song born out from the collaboration between Nicolás Castello (vocals, guitar, lyrics) of Argentina’s Nax and Andy Jossi (drums, bass, guitar) of Switzerland’s The Churchhill Garden.

An intoxicating woozy atmospheric blend of shoegaze and dreampop, paired with the official videoclip filmed and produced by Oso Robot.

It is hard to determine whether Nicholas is flying through the air or swimming through the sea with his guitar and windblown hair. It is obvious from the beginning that we are about to experience something much grander than our mere mortal selves. With awe-inspiring land and seascapes abound the beautiful waves of ethereal melodies and hypnotic rhythms are like the echoes of a whale song. Mesmerizing gauzy, reverb-drenched layers of guitar slowly climb culminating in crisp, bleak inflexions with opaque, hypnotic, muted yet magically ethereal and mystical vocals. Ranging from low monotonous almost inaudible to higher more peaky destinations. A supernova illuminates the snowy peaks of a mountain range with Nicholas silhouette and hands speaking with such intensity and passion about dreams, love, and loss as he stares into oblivion.

“Atrapado” is a sad love song about a man who gets lost in a woman’s amber-coloured eyes. He realizes they do not share the same aspirations when her eyes close and his dreams die, “And everything I want disappears forever / And all your desires vanish forever Forever (Forever) Forever (Forever) Forever (Forever)”.

Pure caresses for the heart and soul.