WL//WH Track Of The Day: ÚLTIMOS GLACIARES “Las Nubes”

Track Of The Day Últimos Glaciares

Active since 2018, with a Self-Titled album released the following year, the Bolivian quartet Últimos Glaciares from Cochabamba, made up of Jhonny Rojas (Bass and Voice), Marcelo Sandoval (Guitar and Synths), Eduardo Cáceres (Guitar) and Adrián Rojas (Drums and synth), get back on track with the first foretaste, titled “Las Nubes”, from the forthcoming sophomore album, Ceremonias”, scheduled for release on April 1, 2023.

The band delivers an invigorating and immersive interplay of shadow and light through a heady combination of Shoegaze, Dream Pop and Indie Rock with gloomy Post-punk undercurrents, soaked in resonant pools of echoes and melancholy, certainly a familiar sound, yet enriched by a mesmerizing sparkling guitar work laced with a spacey vibe.

“Las Nubes” deals with pensive lyrics fretting about the future through a metaphysical lens of fate and purpose.

Hard-hitting drum beats pound steadily over a murky backdrop along with a nimble velvety bassline, colored by a crackling and refracting sea of glistening guitar melodies and quivering reverbs, subtly swept by gauzy synth washes, that twinkle, echo, and soar in and out poking through the mist, like glows of light brimming with unrestrained searing melancholy, to entwine in harmony with giddy airy vocals of dread into an intoxicating urgency of lost, dreamy vibes.

An absolutely captivating first preview from the full album due April 1, 2023, let’s keep a close eye on it.

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