WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE AGE OF COLORED LIZARDS “Solitary You”


Originally a solo project by guitarist and singer Christian Dam started in 2016, who has been joined over time by different friends and musicians, Oslo-based alternative rock band The Age of Colored Lizards are going to release their third full-length album sometime in the next year, via their trusted independent label Sotron Records.

At first, exploring introspective psychedelic sonic realms in the style of Spacemen 3 and early Verve, to gradually toe the line between the narcoleptic feedback of Dinosaur Jr. and Pavement, The Byrds’ Rickenbacker crackling jangle, and the energetic hook-laden power-pop of Teenage Funclub with subtle intriguing ’60s and sometimes shoegaze suggestions.

Currently a three-piece including bassist Anders Bøe and drummer Gary Baer, the group have just dropped the new single “Solitary You”, with the usual striking fine balance between sweetness and edginess, melody and noise.

Infused with bygone seemingly carefree The Beach Boys/Big Star-like “Pa pa pa pa pa” chorus, “Solitary You” unwinds weary yet steady hypnotic rhythms and fuzzy ringing guitar distortions slowly enveloping and sprawling out, hazy and shimmering, around woozy, fearful vocals effusing soft sad breaths and falling subdued anxiety into a stinging and relentless disorientation of uncertain dread.

The Age of Colored Lizards know the art of composing good noisy bittersweet guitar pop songs steeped in helpless romanticism with heartfelt confidence.

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