WL//WH Track Of The Day: WARSAW PACT “Monarca”

Track Of The Day  WARSAW PACT

Started in the Summer of 2019 as a duo, Los Angeles based band, Warsaw Pact, re-emerge through the confining months of the pandemic with an expanded line-up and a more dynamic and disruptive sound, highly hypnotic and danceable, based on deadly cutting riffs, swirling bass throbs and blasting grooves, straddling the line between the melodic energy of indie-rock, somehow remind me the inebriated punch of early Bloc Party, and the raw, throbbing and nervous rhythmic vibrancy of post-punk.

Proof of the above is the bracing self-released new double A-side single “Monarca /Witnessed”.

Named after the Monarca Bakery on Greenleaf Blvd, Whitter, “Monarca” is laced with poetic lyrics that unveil a society of conflict, deception, and anger, driven by a misunderstood alienation and shame.

Buzzing, sinewy, sheer pent-up energy ready to explode into a vibrant tide of pounded out, ruthless drumming drive toward a swirling meandering bassline interplayed with scything, jittery, serrated guitar riffs that screech and chime restlessly around shouty, brazen male vocals layering unrelenting, pain and angst into an urgent release of breathless passions, rising and falling overwhelmingly into a desperate cry for hope.

Along the lines, the swaying and electrifying dance punk-fueled “Witnessed” combining at once Franz Ferdinand dizzying exuberance and Interpol/Editors whirling 6-string sheen.

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