WL//WH Video Of The Day: SINCLAIR NOIRE “Another Day” (Official Music Video)


Sinclair Noire is the alias of an up-and-coming Darkwave/Post-Punk musician and performer out of Austin, TX, who drops an Official Music Video for “Another Day”, the third single since the debut 5-track EP “Youthfully, Truthfully Fiendish”, released last January.

“Eerie guitar soundscapes combined with aggro electronic rhythms and pummeling synths, Sinclair Noire’s music evolves an eclectic mix of concept art, new wave and dark wave sounds into agitated, droning and emotive compositions.”

Another Day” observes, through a jaded lens of gothic depression, the ritual maze that lost souls walk through every day, searching for meaning in the vast emptiness offered as substance.

Permeated with echoes of Peter Murphy’s vocal gloominess, impending doom and supernatural danger drive slashing drum beats through cold dark misty outflows from sonorous, haunting and meandering Post-Punk bass lines, obsessive sparkling and clattering guitar glistens, and a cinematic array of spooky liquid synth flows, to surround distorted disenchanted vocals with immersive ebbs and flows of hypnotic suggestions.

A fascinating and imaginative DIY video explores the dual nature of our universe, and the unseen forces that guide it, using thought-provoking symbols and metaphors, to sync with the existential essence of the soundtrack. The grand, shared narrative being played as a chess game between good and evil ignites a heady aesthetic flow of bipolar innuendos, casting life and death, light and shadow, love and war into a soul-stirring puzzle for the viewer to analyze and contemplate.

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