WL//WH Track Of The Day: SIXTH JUNE “Stay”

Track Of The Day Sixth June

Longtime Berlin denizens and multidisciplinary artists of Serbian origin, Lidija Andonov and Laslo Antal, under their nom de plume Sixth June, after a 2022 hiatus, are back with three singles in a row hinting at a new album sometime in the year, to mold with the familiar distinctive Synth-Pop style and expressive intensity, ever more essential, refined and atmospheric sound textures, that swing between seductive chiaroscuro and haunting melodies of sublime shadowy introspective emotionality, in which glimmer glimpses of restless romantic souls.

The latest lovelorn noir balladry “Stay”, dropped right on time to celebrate the 6th of June, deals with conversational lyrics that engage in the anxious push and pull of an uncertain romantic breakup.

The song distills nostalgic poignant sentiments with timeless seductive tones, dragging into the slow-burning gentle despair of smoldering hearts, swaying through steady skeletal, crisp drum patterns, rippled by sinuous laments of Mick Karn-esque rubbery bass grooves, shimmery guitar strums, and lonesome arpeggiated strains, encircled by a swirling cinematic array of dimly glaring forlorn synth orchestrations, to envelope a compelling dramatic male/female dueling vocal interplay, channeling two bitter lovers acting one last, painful and tragic dance.

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