WL//WH Video Premiere: S:BAHN rails against a fever pitch of “Exhaustion”

WL//WH Premiere  S:BAHN

The song railing against all the things we have to do and say every day just to get a bit older…
On the occasion of the long-awaited LP launch gig, due on Saturday, September 11th, 2021, at the band’s spiritual home, the Old Bar in Fitzroy, the ’90s born angular, guitar-driven post-punk band based in Melbourne, S:BAHN, made up of the original founding members Dik (guitar/vocals), Kristian Brenchley (guitar) and Denis Leadbeater (drums) with bass player Rene Schaefer (of Banish), drop a new single, “Exhaustion”, paired with a suitably frenetic video clip, capturing both the adrenalin rush of the track and the energy of the group’s live performance. 
 A churning swarm of feverish pounding drums, punchy gurgling bassline, restrained abrasive guitar riffage and lilting tense jagged slivers, relentlessly fuels angsty, emotional male vocals reflecting on the overwhelming “Exhaustion” made manifest during the mental struggle of balancing life’s necessities, desires, and dreams, layering elated back-up chorus, rambling inner-thoughts, and breathless defiant rants of caustic wit into the high-energy release.
Nostalgic vibes ignite an energetic, electrifying performance by S:Bahn set against a retro black and white backdrop to add old-school charm. Live gig footage transitions with a dreamy shadow dancing sequence and a hypnotic stream of motion created by a foggy bright road trip, to ebb and flow between alternate dimensions under a vintage disco ball’s sentimental reflections of time.

S:BAHN‘s “Queen of Diamonds” L.P. launch gig at the Old Bar in Fitzroy, Melbourne, supported by Space Cadets BBQ Haque and Tassie Legend Tom Lyngcoln (Harmony/Nation Blue), is scheduled for Saturday, September 11th, 2021. Don’t miss out!

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