WL//WH Video Of The Day: DAYFLOWER “In The Clouds”

WL//WH Video Of The Day Dayflower

Leicester based, English DIY Indie Dreampop artisans Dayflower have shared a trippy video for the heady tune “In The Clouds” feat. Leonie Dubarry-Gurr on vocals, originally released on “Hidden Gem Records: Colorwheel Compilation Volume II”, still available on limited edition cassette with download via Hidden Gem Records.

Soft heart-pounding beats compel sad sparkling guitar strings, low, throbbing bass lines, and fragile, whimsical vocals’ to take a nostalgic fall through bittersweet back-up hums and echoes, while airy, rambunctious synth strains blow anxious glee into the narcotic build of buzzing reverb-drenched ambience, that resonates blissfully into the depths of our ears.

Introspective lyrics take a roller coaster ride through false identities and misleading locations while falling methodically in and out of another’s grasp.

A mysterious car ride follows a white rabbit through psychedelic dimensions. Time-lapse clouds rotate hypnotically, shape-shifting the mind’s eye of imagination over a negative light sequence where a shadowy performance draws breath from underwater sea-life. Random cityscape fragments merge amid the neurotic shake of power-line emissions to awaken hidden planes of existence, radiating prismatic reflections into an emerging undertow of a neon kaleidoscopic wonderland.

Dayflower‘s 2-track single “In the Clouds / Wonder Why” is available on digital via the band’s Bandcamp.

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