WL//WH Track Of The Day: SIMON MINÓ “Aqua Tofana”

Track Of The Day  Simon Minó

Malmö-bred, now relocated to Copenhagen via Paris, Simon Minò, singer of Swedish post-punkers RA, is back on the folds, since the well-received 2021 debut album “Alma / Flora”, and the following one-time song “Le Mistral”, which by the way we hosted in 2022, with a new single, “Aqua Tofana”, that finally seems to preannounce the highly anticipated EP via independent label Valentina Archives.

Mixed by renowned Copenhagen producer Malthe Fischer, of Lust for Youth and Scandinavian Star fame, “Aqua Tofana” slightly departs from Simon’s usual sound, while taking its name from a slow-acting poison particularly widespread in the 17th century in Central-Southern Italy that seems to refer to the toxic relationship themes from the lyrics, more precisely a romantic confession of undying love and adoration at the hands of a tragic power play injected with a deadly manipulation.

As I described, perhaps aptly for once, the Danish artist “explores obscure yet shimmering, as intriguing yet haunted synth-laden domains…laced with a deep knack for building emotional-ridden, at times sinister and cinematic, introspective soundscapes”,

this time channeling Marc Almond/Neil Arthur’s earnest passion, with a sweeping, atmospheric, and wondrous dark Synth-Pop sheer intimate poetry, brimming with melodramatic weight and straight-from-the-heart sentiments, roused by steady crashing snares along with twinkling and thrumming arpeggiated low ends, that solemnly bounce in an obsessive wistful cycle, topped by poignant luxuriant synth orchestrations, whilst both evocative and resonant, heartfelt vocals swim in eternal waves of melancholy, passion and pain, wrapped in lonesome fluting breaths of dreamy lovelorn fantasy.

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