WL//WH Video Of The Day: DUCTAPE “Gregor”

Video Of The Day Ductape

Istanbul-based favourite hyper-dynamic Post-Punk/Dark Wave unit Furkan and Cagla AKA Ductape drop a destination music video, drawn from the Mexican stage of their intercontinental live tour that landed in South America and Eastern Europe, but I probably missed something, for the heady track “Gregor”, taken from their last January’s 8-track sophomore album, “Ruh”, via the independent label Swiss Dark Nights.

Confessional lyrics are told from the angle of a frustrated, over-worked traveller, whose simmering anger, regret, and shame lead to an anxious judgement of others invoking a disturbed rant oozing toxic tension.

 “Gregor” injects rambunctious, stirring moods into steady heart-pounding drum beats along with throbbing punchy bassline menace, stabbed by piercing, glistening guitar strains, obsessively reverberating atop fretful vocals laced with urgent, breathless maladies of anti-social angst.

Ductape’s Mexican Tour in November 2021 gave the opportunity for a rare, colourful backdrop in the form of Guadalajara’s unique bustling storefronts, ghostly, urban parks, and vintage cobblestone streets, perfectly depicting the haunting lyrical confession of Gregor.” The dark, hip fashion sense (by Neolin) of the Turkish Dark Wave duo along with Mexican tour-mate bands Schrödinger and Seventh Seal bring an edgy intensity to the sinister alienated moods of the soundtrack, whilst graffiti-strewn alleyways, shifting flows of motion, and dramatic performances pull the viewer into the manic mood swings of travelling abroad.

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Photo by Dimitry Uziel