WL//WH Track Of The Day: SEVIT “War Chest”

Track Of The Day  SEVIT

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, 3-piece darkwave act SEVIT, made of Jack Gallegos, Cameron B, and Brian Johnson, don’t hide behind their inspirations, as they clearly affirm their sound channelsinfluences of Pornography-era Cure and recreating a decade of post minimalistic, monologic analog sounds with melodies, big beats, and dreamy vocal hooks’.

“War Chest” is a powerful and emotionally-drenched exercise in moody and melancholic, early The Cure-like, murky atmospheric dirge, already glimpsed over the band’s previous few releases, but never displayed in such a refine and persuasive fashion.

Cold, stiff and steady drumbeats, along with seductive deeply pulsing cavernous bassline, mechanically meander into the thickening and permeating fog instilled by distant crystal-clear ringing dismal guitar melodies, that weep and wail unrelenting, swept by winding and piercing gusts of frigid synths, weaving a haunted web of sorrow and helpless despair, equally harrowing and gripping, engulfed by tortured tremoring vocals, long in unrelenting pain and misery, “counting out the days,” until love is unleashed.

Obsessive, melodic and gloomily enthralling, “War Chest”, at times of deep reverence and ongoing reworking, in a more or less original way, of the new wave / post-punk from the early 70s and mid-80s, can’t fail to unveil a genuine passion and a healthy dose of alienated black romance, which I don’t dislike at all.

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