WL//WH Track Of The Day : SATIS “NOLVZ”

Track Of The Day

Another promising act from the growing and talented South American dark music contingent is Satis, a minimal synth-driven coldwave/darkwave one man band from the Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile.

With two EP’s under his belt in 2018, the first “Planetarivm” reissue on cassette by the constantly “ahead of the game” DIY Berlin based label Squall Recordings (just 3 copies available here), the band has just dropped the new single “Novlz”.

Introduced by sinister and droning atmospheric synth, straight a pounding and determined drum machine and sparkling soaring jangly guitar lines lead “Novlz”, creating some strong, genuine emotional and gloomy tension in stark juxtaposition with the echoing, deep baritone, declamatory and defiant vocals clouded by hopeful, yet worried, unrest.

A disturbing and captivating mix of darkwave and post-punk, intriguingly reeling between depressive and uplifting, “NOLVZ” shows a shift from his usual synth-laden material, with hints of a steadily increasing diverse dark sound.

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