WL//WH Track Of The Day: the SERE “Even the Rain”

Track Of The Day the SERE  

The enigmatic the SERE is a brand new gothy project of JonS. from New York, whose ’80s tinged debut single “Even The Rain” pulls together elements of post-punk throbbing bass bleakness, new wave sparkling guitar tones, synthpop rhythmic propulsion and soul-stirring atmospherics with shades of darkwave gloom, oozing with profound eeriness and melancholy, equally sorrowful and nostalgic, as vibrant and introspective.

Frenzied hard-hitting, at time skipping, drum beats along with deep seething, gurgling bassline, bounce relentlessly forth with crackling intensity permeated by glistening jangly guitar melodies cut through by icy reverberating synth flows, whilst lost, impassioned layered male vocals ebb and flow hopelessly, brimming with angst and despair, in a heartfelt return through life’s tumultuous loss of innocence into bitter remorse and pain.

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