WL//WH Track Of The Day: RADIO SECT “Void”

Track Of The Day  RADIO SECT  

As evidence of the current brilliant state of health for the Greek underground music scene, Athens-based four-piece Radio Sect have just dropped their 6-track debut EP “State Of Emergency”.

Recently formed, the quartet lets us know that they came together ‘in a place where bands like Abwarts, Mecano (the Dutch one), Bauhaus and Glaxo Babies met’.

Certainly, it’s a band with distinctive abrasive post-punkitude, that could have had its place in the roster of legendary late 70s Walthamstow-based Small Wonder Records, right where both the Cure and Bauhaus took their first steps, but also could remind the beautiful discordant Scottish group The Fire Engines.

The lyrics full of angst, adrenaline and pathos are eviscerated over a bleak slab of raw, powerful and densely emotion-ridden post-punk sound both dark and anxious, passionate and fleshly, made of angular cutting guitar, bouncing bass and punching rhythms over urgent vocals.

“Void” kicks off with pulsing and rumbling bassline, propelled by strong, stiff drums, deeply meanders relentlessly, injecting an ominous and enigmatic halo of buried tension, ready to be unleashed by jittery razor-sharp guitar riffs, vibrantly grating and tearing along, between sudden desperate accelerations, seething pauses, and enthralling helpless sonic progressions, sharpened by desperately worried, nihilistic male vocals arousing fear, paranoia and panic, trapped in an inner world of impending doom.

Highly recommended!

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