WL//WH New Music: DELIVERANCE MX “Skin” (Sweet William Cover/Oliver Heuer Tribute)


Monterrey based, Mexican Gothic Rockers Deliverance MX have dropped an official black and white video version for their cover of Sweet William‘s memorable song “Skin.” The track is part of the 2020 tribute album created by Black Genesis Records, “Out of Sight: a Tribute to Oliver Heuer lead singer of Sweet William.”

The cover perfectly captures the adoration, obsession, and fiery passion of the original love song whilst weaving more stringent and eerily ethereal echoing guitar melodies, through sinister rumbling bass line throbs and skipping drum beats, amid distorted swarming effects, to immerse heartfelt vocal longing with ominous disintegrating intensities.

Hypnotic texture rich visuals slow time and space around a hidden woods performance by Deliverance MX to create dissociated dream-like sequences in sync with the psychedelic vibes of the soundtrack. Dramatic contrast-heavy introspections alternate with blurry landscapes, cosmic expansions, and shadowy flashbacks to immerse the viewer in a dark gothic fantasy of lovelorn obsessions.

Definitely, a worthy homage to the tragic departure of Sweet William‘s mastermind Oliver Hauer and his original 2006 track, enhanced with ’80s-tinged, chorus-soaked sparkling wistful moods reminiscent of Gene Loves Jezebel and The Bolshoi.

In the very last days of 2022, the band delivered a 4-track EP, “Calling Bael”, bursting with their distinctive brand of Gothic Rock replete with gritty drum machines, sharp and evocative guitar riffs over bitter vocals, brimming with poetry, despair and drama. 

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