WL//WH Track Of The Day: D4RKSTAR “Summertime”

Track Of The Day  D4RKSTAR

Unfortunately I arrived late on the tracks of D4RKSTAR, only thanks to a couple of brilliant remixes by Lønnkrog, the electro-pop solo moniker of his fellow musician Micke Lönngren, lead vocalist of the Swedish gothic-rock band Brotherhood, very dear to us.

D4RKSTAR is the one-man shoegaze / darkwave / electro project of Göteborg‘s musician Andreas Lindh (formerly member of Light Parade e LoveIsNotMyOnlyCrime ), pervaded of ‘desperation and reverb from the great North’.

As beautifully entrancing and atmospheric as it is touching, new single “Summertime” builds sadness-ridden summery burns of existential malaise through relentless enveloping deep waves of bleak, icy synth, hazy swathes of swirling reverberations, hypnotic tight rhythms and buzzing pulsing bassline that simmers from underneath to carve introspective, impassioned and dismal moods replete with gloomy melodies and immersive melancholy, heightened by sparse soul-stirring piano notes and reverb-filled searing guitar bleeds that whine atop equally soothing and pained vocals, relentlessly laced with alienation, and hopelessness, ‘so tired of being tired’.

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