WL//WH Track Of The Day : NUMB.ER “A Memory Stained”

Track Of The Day

I was impressed by last end of the year 2-track single “Fear / Modern Relations”, both a well constructed blend of late 70’s/early 80’s post-punk/new wave channeled in a modern and fresh perspective. is the sonic moniker of Los Angeles based photographer and visual artist, synth lover and founding member of LA psych-kraut outfit Froth, Jeff Fribourg, on the verge of releasing the debut album “Goodbye” due out on May 25 via Felte Records.

After last month minimalistic and anthemic synth-punk number“Again”, with the new single “A Memory Stained” the band, actually a quartetare back to a complex and intricated, creative clash of post-punk sounds, driven by krautish repetitive beats, woven together with shimmering guitar chords and throbbing melodic bass lines and backed by emotionally detached vocals to craft a gloom and hypnotic atmosphere, cold and robotic, warmed up by groovy blasts of “synthetic trumpet” layers, in a beguiling juxtaposition to spawn something intriguing and exciting.

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