WL//WH Video Of The Day: ROLES “Try Being Human”

Video Of the Day Roles

After the debut “Empty Room” we featured last month (here), Melbourne based, Australian DIY synth-tinged ‘new-age post-punk’ duo ROLES, made up of songwriter and producer Louise Love (lyrics, vocals, guitar), and Luis Gutiérrez (electronics), return with their second single “Try Being Human” taken from the upcoming debut album “There’s A Space”, planned to be released in mid-2020.

Tinny smoothly bouncing rhythms roll under a sonorous synth soundscape, pierced by menacingly steady, resonant guitar slivers and droning bass undulations expanding organically around soulfully emotional vocal melodies and heartfelt hums releasing the thought-provoking narrative lyrics into an intriguing beauty of longing and yearning to be part of the collective whole through understanding, knowledge, and shared growth.

The all-encompassing video bursts into an intricate montage of various clips taken around the world including soaring landscapes, crowded public transportation, an enigmatic hourglass, an orange tree, and a ballerina’s pirouette. Universal emotions and sentiments, evoked through symbolism, culture, and nature, encapsulate the highs and lows shared through inherent human traits to build a metaphor for life. The images flicker in an overlay projection atop “Roles” using a casually intimate viewing, set in motion through time-lapse photography while shadows cast depth and surrealism onto the couple like live tattoos.

Any profits from the sale of this single will be donated to the Seva Foundation.