Video Of The Day : Mode in GliANY “Les Atömiks”

Video Of The Day

The elusive experimental synth wizard based in Brittany, Boris Völt, a.k.a. Mode in GliANY, between new releases, weekly demos, collaborations and side projects (last one Oкино with fellow Breton musician Flint Glass) is surely one of most prolific, never at the expense of quality though, and distinctive voice of the current coldwave, dark synth scene. 

With a minimal set up made of synths, drum machine, guitar and bass he’s always able to conjured up something sounding deeply intriguing and darkly vibrant encapsulating subtle mournful, tense and dramatic moods.

The instrumental “Les Atömiks” will be part of the upcoming limited 7inch picturedisc (Ca 005), along with “Rondes De Nuits”, from the excellent, Berlin-based, vinyl only, electronic DIY label Circonstances Aggravantes.

With his unique minimal style in merging hazy, deeply melancholic melodies ornamented and punctuated by amazingly hypnotic brooding bassline and enticingly icy synths, he creates an highly elegant and emotional, thoroughly immersive synth gem.

Keep a close watch, due to its extremely limited quantities, at the Circonstances Aggravantes bandcamp for further updates.

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