WL//WH Video Of The Day: FIGURE SECTION “Up North”

Brussels-based Electronic Dark Wave duo of Austrian-born musician, lyricist and actress Olivia Carrère and Belgian industrial /techno musician Yannick Franck (Raum, Orphan Swords) AKA Figure Section, have finally dropped their long-awaited 8-track debut album, “Mirages”, via Antibody label alongside a self-directed video for the subliminally hypnotic cold and dark dance track “Up North”.

Ominous electronic explorations layer, intoxicate, and expand lovelorn horizons with intense undulating bassline buzzing tension to shred disquieted domains of ghostly memories from light, sensual female vocals to release breathless fears of abandonment into droning, fluttering hypnotics, swirling manically around brittle, anxious synth strains, metallic beats, and scattered, cracked obsessions to fall helpless through hidden doorways of echoing pain.

The dramatic black and white video, starring Benjamin Mengistu Navet, blends universal symbols and hues of death and mourning into a ritualistic burial for a relationship. Slow-motion photography creates a surreal ambience of bleak desolation around a dark-clad figure whose emblematic black flag, frenetic, x marks the spot dig, and ritual tree burning ceremony along a vast seashore invokes fiery passions of rage, regret, and angst from the incineration of cherished pictures to release traumatic memories and shattered dreams into a beautifully terrifying and metaphysical catharsis for letting go.

Figure Section‘s debut album is out now, cassette & digital, via Antibody label.

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