WL//WH Track Of The Day: NO HAY JUVENTUD “Noche”

Track Of The Day No Hay Juventud

Minimized to a one-man band, Medellin, Colombia based No Hay Juventud provides a vital and instinctive Post-Punk sprinkled with New Wave, built on an organic balance between blasts from the UK ’80s past and gloomy, hopeless introspections on the present, at times sinisterly enveloping and agonizing, others urgently turbulent and harrowing, composed of mechanical and martial drum machines, sharp, metallic wailing guitars, lugubrious intrusive and compulsive bass, and alienating synthetic tensions cut with haunting sorrowful chants.

No Hay Juventud is soon going to release his sophomore album, “Ciudad Insomnio”, teased by a couple of singles, the atmospheric “Túnel”, paired with a video we unfortunately missed, yet recovered below, and the latest “Noche”.

Dark and oneiric lyrics, comprised of excerpts from Argentinian poetess Alejandra Pizarnik‘s metaphysical poem “La Noche” (1985), dive into the hidden nocturnal realm of the moon, dreams, and memories exploring our mystery and disconnection from the subconscious domain of insight, perception, and ancient wisdom.

Lead by terse steady beats, a mournfully pulsing pinpoint bassline carves a relentless deep sense of crushing melancholy, stabbed by hypnotically abrasive guitar riffs, swathed in shuddering bright and chilly synth swirls, injecting intense, unsettling painful vibrations around scratchy, detached vocals longing and aching in frigid, fragmented frequencies to stutter, disintegrate, and blur anxiously into the haunted shadows of lost time.

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