WL//WH Track Of The Day: BUZZ BONE “Make Some Noise!”

Track Of The Day Buzz Bone

Buzz Bone is another brand new buzzy and wiry female-fronted Turkish duo from Istanbul, made of Gamze Koba & Deniz Demirbaş, who, judging from their debut single “Make Some Noise!”, play a dynamic yet instantly catchy, anarcho-influenced, punk rock sound with garage leanings, peppered with fiery vocalizations and uncompromising attitude.

Fuelled by disillusioned lyrics that fight modern dystopian blues with a shout out to “Make some noise!” against oppression with all the force you got”, “Make Some Noise”, walking the line between melodic and abrasive, kicks off with hypnotic powerful tightly-wound drums and rumbling bassline, while rowdy and sharp fuzzy guitar riffs relentlessly bleed and slam around high spunky female vocals, shrieking airlessly to inject sassy nervous energy and a killer punch, into the churning pace of oppressive monotony.

The pair dub themself also as ‘coldwave’, ‘new wave’ and ‘synthwave’, let’s see which shade of dark they’ll use in the next episode.

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