WL//WH Track Of The Day: SWEEPING PROMISES “Hunger For A Way Out”

Track Of The Day Sweeping Promises

SWEEPING PROMISES is a brand new 3-piece band from the Boston area, with just an intimate gig under their belt, who play at the same time a minimalistic and raw, vigorous and disruptive post-punk sound that harkens back to the raw and lo-fi DIY attitude thrived around late 70s/early 80s UK seminal labels like Rough Trade, Small Wonder and Fast Product, when independent was way more than just a tag but a matter of attitude and style, listening to music was kind of a religious thing, and ‘alternative’ was not a genre because simply it is not.

The trio have unveiled “Hunger For A Way Out”, the title track from their upcoming debut album via Feel It Records.

Heady lyrics try to figure out where things went wrong, while a building “Hunger for a way out” seizes control of the situation.

Pounding steady drums trigger an ominously deep wavering bassline that bounce and rumble, pierced by pithy stabs of guitar fuzz, interspersed by sudden dynamic changes of rhythm, amid pulsing lustrous synth chords and winding airy swathes over urgent uneven breathless female vocals, alternate with high piercing exhalations, falling into a tumultuous panic, lost to urgent distress.

Ebullient, energetic and abrasively melodic, “Hunger For A Way Out” is absolutely a fresh and thrilling preview makes you eager to listen to the rest.

Sweeping Promises‘ first album “Hunger For A Way Out” is slated for release on August 14, Ltd. Vinyl 12/Digital, via Richmond’s independent label Feel It Records.

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