WL//WH Track Of The Day: LARA K. “Face Myself”

Track Of The Day Lara K.

Australia has never been a place renowned for electronic music and, even if I was deeply into various subgeneres, I find it hard to remember a single producer throughtout the 90’s and early 2000 , but things are changing in the last few years with up-and-coming talented producers like Ben Frost, Lbeeze, Kris Baha, Forces and Elisabeth Dixon, the first that come to mind, and several DIY cassette labels..

Melbourne‘s newcomer Lara Killham Walter AKA Lara K. ‘played her first set in May 2017, and cultivated her own style of live, brooding dance music, opening for international artists such as Norman Nodge, Etapp Kyle and Dasha Rush’. Judging from what I can hear on Lara’s Soundcloud page, a dark, minimal, mesmeric and abstract techno sound approachable to the one of Luigi Tozzi, Claudio PRC, just to mention some of my fellow countrymen.
Found by chance on Bandcamp today the 2-track single “Face Myself​ /​ Ungrateful” weaves together slightly lo-fi techno with post-punk leanings.  
“Face Myself​” dives deep into sinister waters with tight kicks, droning hisses and pulsing humming bass that drift over ritualistic and hypnotic percussive patterns, interspersed by repetitive snares, and alarming chimes of synth echoing deep, surrounded by looming darkness, harnessing a deep sense of obsessed isolation and wicked anticipation with a subtle futuristic vibe, encapsulated by sultry, and provocative vocals laced with guilt and anxiety, whispering secret haunted longings in lustful anticipation for dark romance.
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