WL//WH Track Of The Day: HAUNTED LOVERS “You’re Gone”


Mexico City-based analog synth one-man project of Antonio R. (formerly known as Tristán B., Teatro Marfil and Tonio Kröger) returns, under the new moniker, Haunted Lovers, with an upcoming 6-track EP “SINFUL”, slated to release on August 12, 2021.

Blending brooding darkwave and wistful synth-wave the Mexican artist builds a shady melodic synth-driven sound, cold, glinting, and enveloping, yet equally muffled and distant like the impalpable dimension of a hazy dream.

Painful memories and forlorn feelings intertwine with the loneliness, isolation and profound devastation from an imaginative and intangible delusional world of immense claustrophobic longing.

After last week’s first preview in the form of a revised version of last year’s dramatic “Timeless”, the unreleased new single, “You’re Gone”, music-wise deceitfully uplifting and vaguely suffused of a woozy chillwave quality, is laced with obsessive lyrics that dive into the psychological realms of guilt, fear, and abandonment at the hands of a lost loved one.

Metronomic dry punchy beats trigger humming, glaring bass throbbings, steadily interspersing with strings of glittering, glossy and chilling synth chords to chime hopelessly toward the deaf ether of swirling eternal melancholy with no return, atop dreamy, sombre male vocals’ painfilled croons of lost illusions.

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