WL//WH Video Premiere: BLOOD HANDSOME x CONTROL I’M HERE Find Balance while “Dancing on the Edge of a Knife”

WL//WH Premiere Blood Handsome x Control I’m Here

Last June’s gripping and arousing EP, “Dancing on the Edge of a Knife”, via label/collective Hush Club Ltd, was the first powerful fruit born out of the collaboration between both Kentucky-bred electronic producer Control I’m Here & L.A. based dark crooner Blood Handsome.

The ominous producer and artist, Control I’m Here wanted to work with Blood Handsome on something that would stick and hit hard. Something that could be played at clubs across the world and not only speak to people musically, but lyrically thus, teaming w/ Blood Handsome

WL/WH is pleased to premiere the DIY music video for the highly danceable title track “Dancing on the Edge of a Knife”, a declaration of self-empowerment about the current state of individual violations, extremism, and distorted devotion that exist in our technocratic post-societal world honing in on the idea of personal growth through risk-taking, cutting toxic ties, and having a strong belief system.

Channelling new wavish flashing, cinematic textures and Jacno-like, twinkling French electropop vibes, “Dancing on the Edge of a Knife” unleashes a menacing, driving undertow of a bouncing, chugging bassline along with mesmeric punchy, clattering, dance beats, strewn with icy bright, forsaken synth swirls and a stack of shiny chiming chords to elicit nocturnal, neurotic moods from the aloof, distressed male vocals, grovelling in a virulent sway of anxious obsessive fallings, echoes, and disintegrations to form cool, ominous dimensions of post-apocalyptic doom.

Spectral waves blur disconnected transmissions over a hooded silhouette, vintage movie clips, and hypnotic hand compositions to form an eerie diorama of subconscious fear. Liquid flame overlays burn robotic facial expressions, hidden identities, and severed connections to erode male/female energies under the weight of aggressive conflict. Universal symbols, mesmeric gestures, and demonic possessions breed organic illnesses using haunted cyber-green domains to obscure, disintegrate, and disorient the masses under a toxic disguise of full moon skies.

Control I’m Here & Blood Handsome collaborative EP “Dancing on the Edge of a Knife”, including “Shame” and featuring Remixes from Ex-Hyena & Jackson VanHorn, is out now on digital via Hush Club Ltd.

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