WL//WH Video Of The Day : COMMUNIONS “Hymn”

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They’ve come a long way since the debut EP “Cobblestones”in 2014, where Danish 4-piece Communions, made up of brothers Martin & Mads Rehof and Jacob van Deurs Formann & Frederik Lind Köppenseemed, seemed to follow a gloomy yet melodic post-punk path, but unexpectedly their hidden love for 80’s guitar pop took over and they strike out in a different musical and aesthetic direction. In few time, as shown by their excellent, yet still flawed, debut album “Blue”, they have become one of most exciting band around, giving to their pop music a variety of intriguing facets.

The new single “Hyms” is proof of their masterful sense of melody, harmony and dynamics and their bold exploratory approach, pushing the band’s sound into new realms of hauntingly intensity and emotional impact, waving through an oscillating set of crystalline guitar textures and intoxicating twinkling leads. underpinned by the achingly beautiful Martin Rehof‘s emotive vocals, revealing the underlying dark side often hidden behind nostalgic escapism. Evoking terror at the realization that there is no escape from the uneasiness of reality and pain

Another further leap forward in crafting their own signature sound from a band of impressive melodic songwriting  talent and outstanding personality.

Check out the dystopian ‘machine versus nature’ video directed by Freja Sofie Kirk, suggesting, in accordance with the lyrics, the disturbed and tragic notion that, no matter if awake or asleep, we can’t escape the tragic and harsh reality of an increasingly  chaotic, corrupt and collapsing world.


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Evokes the disturbed notion that no matter awake or asleep he cannot escape malaise