WL//WH Video Of The Day: ENZO KREFT “Nature Isn’t Bound By Borders”

Video Of The Day  Enzo Kreft

Veteran Mechelen-based, Belgian DIY dark electro-wave pioneer, visual artist and musician, Enzo Kreft, alias of Eric Vandamme, drops a thought-provoking music video for the environmental track “Nature Isn’t Bound By Borders,” the fifth song from his latest 12-track album “Different World.”

Spawned by the coronavirus crisis and written as a catharsis, Enzo Kreft believes 

“the facts have caught up with us and we are in the middle of dystopia.”

An intoxicating circuitry of Gary Newman-esque eerie and retro-futuristic New Wave vibes spawn through skipping tinny backbeats, buzzing organic bass tones, and warm glowing synth swirls into nostalgic yet modern hypnotic expansions around Enzo’s signature robotic vocalizations infused with a charming human twist to deliver a powerful, universal message about the Invisible State of Current World affairs.

Inspired by an actual news story, observational lyrics affirm the unsustainable pace in which humans have over-consumed the Earth, as an abandoned City Center becomes overtaken by wildlife in search of sustenance due to man’s inability to free himself from the Lockdown.

Urban decay shreds the wallpaper and seat cushions of a quaint dystopic living room while Enzo Kreft lays it all on the line in front of a television set displaying a breaking news story about Nature’s Fury. A tribe of monkeys runs wild in search of food through a grimy Post Apocalyptic setting eroded by disuse and time while lights flicker ominously, static bars cross the screen, and computer-generated images of bats, ants, and limbs transform the neglected home of misguided dreams back into its original form.

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