WL//WH Track Of The Day : ANGEL GABRIEL “Algoritmica Involucion”

Bouncing robotic drum machines, relentless pulsing bass, hypnotic and cold synths and detached vocals are the sonic elements of stripped-down, albeit urgent and immersive formula of the synth laden sound from Angel Gabriel, the solo alias of Vienna based Xavier Scholz, half of synth-pop duo Aviadoras and drummer of experimental/psychedelic rock band Primordial Undermind. 
A limited edition 4-track C-30 cassette EP titled “Algoritmica Involucion” has just been released in these days via fellow Vienna based tape label Transformer Music, along the highly recommended new one from ‘primitive electronic’ artist Rosa Nebel.
Title track “Algoritmica Involucion” constructs swelling tense icy synth lines around crisp snares, infiltrated with percussive bouncy elements and jittery pulsing sequencer bass lines building a restless bleak backdrop for distant, detached depressed vocals shifting to loud, nervous and excited exclamations that evolve into sad static, transmissions from the other side.

Confused and ready to give up on life a man finds a way out through a virtual dimension. Promises of release from stress, anxiety, and fear along with clarity, purpose, and fulfillment prove too much to resist in this science fiction fantasy thriller.

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