WL//WH Video Premiere: FAUX FEAR Shatters the Soul-less “Masquerade”

Video Premiere  FAUX FEAR  

WL//WH is pleased to Premiere the return of Faux Fear to the blog with their symbolic new video for the aching psychological song “Masquerade” taken from the latest 2022 EP “Perfect Blue.”

Faux Fear is a Gothic/Post-Punk trio based in Reading, Pennsylvania founded in late 2020 by the romantic couple Audrey (singer/drum programmer) and Nicholas (guitar), soon joined by Philly-based bassist Pra.

With the double A-side 7-inch flexidisc debut single “Uncharted” and the 4-track EP “Perfect Blue”, both dropped in 2022, under their belt, the band is going to play live around Pennsylvania and New York with further dates to be announced (check the band’s Bandcamp profile for precise details), while a full-length album in the works, no doubt fleshing out a sound that Pra describes as:

“fun, danceable music about dreary things,” with particular emphasis on melodic basslines, while Audrey has historically written songs about everything from her and Nicholas’ cats to Twin Peaks (plus, you know, love, death, etc), influenced by Megan Thee Stallion, Angela Davis, and Hall and Oates just as much as New Order, Sisters of Mercy and Blade Runner. “

An urgent burst of rapid, steady beats, lilted by crisp clapping hits, broody throbbing bass lines, and restless glistening guitar needlings, coalesce into a dazzling anxious atmosphere of enveloping darkness over a distant haunted vocal tragedy, pouring heartfelt pain, anguish, and disgust into the relentless piercing observation of the soulless “Masquerade.”

Evocative visuals shoot a cold and foggy solo nocturnal walk to introspect on the pretentious masks people wear that leave them empty inside. Dramatic wardrobe, an urban backdrop, eerie transformative editing, and the brilliant use of lights and shadows stirs the mind’s eye with macabre visions whilst syncing seamlessly with the dire energy of the soundtrack.

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