WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE REALITY TV “Beats”

Track Of The Day  The Reality TV  

The Reality TV is the moniker of Chester, UK based bedroom artist Benjamin Mace-Crossley, who creates captivating and intriguing, slightly lo-fi, darkly electronic pop jams with nods to UK new wave and post-punk from the ’80s.

Something between Blancmange, Japan, New Order, Depeche Mode, Associates, and Paul Haig infused with a rhythm section on the pattern of Art of Noise, Soulsonic Force and Paul Hardcastle, so as to deftly combine coldness with warmth, The Reality TV sophomore single “Beats” is a densely energetic and elegant highly evocative tune that pairs chiming guitar and enveloping, swirling synth lead to danceable 808 breakbeat beats, soulful throbbing bass and stark, alluring croony vocals, laced with emotional depth and aching poetic sensibility.

Retro heavy pumping robotic rhythms intersect with a rumbling groovy bassline bouncing and swaying back and forth, pierced by ringing guitar lines, while expansive, meandering synth strings swirl with relentless glowing and buzzing melodic wistfulness around dramatic, atmospheric male vocals layer distant distressed hauntings with emotionally pained exhalations that, ignited by a shrieky and sharp no-wavish 6-string breakdown over background voice samples, falling breathlessly through horizons of anxious fear.

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