WL//WH Track Of The Day: SKLTN CHR [Skeleton Choir] “Heaven is Deadly”

Track Of The Day  SKLTN CHR  

Experimenting since 2017 on Soundcloud, spanning from syncopated instrumental hip-hop, indie rock to darkwave, coldwave and most in between without a real direction, SKLTN CHR [Skeleton Choir], the gothy lo-fi one-man-project by Austin, TX based Justin Van Eck, drummer and guitarist of emo-charged grunge trio dark dark ʞɔɐlq, has released his most accomplished effort to date in the form of the superb single “heaven is deadly”.

A gripping and anthemic swirling synth-laden cold affair, sullied by scratchy guitar slivers, brimming with visceral edge and laid bare passions.

Haunted memories fuel racing thoughts and obsessions of bitterness and regret to bloom into a suicidal fantasy.

Walloping steady drum patterns propel “Heaven is Deadly” to thrive and fluctuate on intoxicating obsessively flashing synth chords and resounding chilling flows, looming menacingly with blinding epic intensity, emphasized by wailing surges and a dramatic pent up pause and hopeless release, along stabbing wicked sharp guitar intercourses, over detached, brooding whispers submerged in breathless anxiety layering with distorted primal growls and screams, to sway drastically between angry and sad emotional outbursts of overwhelming pain.

A compelling blend of most all his influences, definitely a huge step in the right direction toward finding his own path.

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