WL//WH Video of the Day: ECHOBERYL “Salomé (Suffer Me)”

Video Of The Day  ECHOBERYL

Paris-based dark electronic duo ECHOBERYL, comprised of Adriano Iacoangeli and Cecilia Dassonneville, preview the imminent evocative minimal wave track, Salomé (Suffer Me)”, the first single taken from their forthcoming third album “Mother Solitude and Other Dark Tales”, due to be released on the band’s new label Mother Solitude Records, through a sizzling DIY music video, inspired by the tragedy of Oscar Wilde and the film transpositions of Carmelo Bene and Ken Russell.

We wanted to explore the limbo of our soul, the dark and hidden parts of our being. What we don’t want to see. What remains unmentionable. All this through mythical and legendary characters, exaggerated and fictional pendants of ourselves. Salome is part of our trip. Through her fatal dance, the character summons the shameful and immoral conflicts that can haunt us: desiring in her flesh, even to the death drive.

Salomé (Suffer Me)” is laced with sinister lyrics that slowly unravel into a claustrophobic obsession of power, and misguided vengeance at the hands of lustful pride.

Ominous, oscillating bass lines drive dancing frequencies under steady, steam-powered beats, swirling cries of synth alarm peppered with twinkling dazzling chords, and bewitching atmospheric female vocals to layer echoed whispers, transfixing magnetism and sensual allure into the cold, vast spatial expansions of eerie electronic doom.


Evocative auras blend dramatic imagery cast in brazen jewel tones, insidious shadows, and the legend of Salome’s infamous Dance of Death. A hypnotic sequence draws mystery and seduction with a scarlet dress, fluid arm gestures, and rays of broken light to illuminate hidden desires. Eye piercing gazes transfix on a ruby handled dagger of misfortune while veils of secrecy eclipse deadly wishes with universal symbols of anger and revenge to cover up sneaky sentiments in an erotic contortion of shame.

Echoberyl‘s new single, Salomé (Suffer Me)”, is due to be released on July, 30th via Bandcamp and all sharing platforms.

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