WL//WH Video Of The Day: THE VIOLENT YOUTH “Позже | Later”

Video Of The Day The Violent Youth

Belarus synthpop /post-punk duo from Minsk, based in Augsburg, Violent Youth, comprised of frontman, composer and musician Arthur Tsymbal along with Egor Ivakhnenko on keyboards, are back with a highly addictive catchy new single, “Позже | Later”, via US independent label à La Carte Records, accompanied by an enchanting DIY music video. 

“Позже | Later” deals with introspective lyrics that dive into the psychological realm of procrastination to uncover a life of overwhelming fear, uncertainty, and anxiety at the hands of modern dystopic dread.

I am scared of reading another newspaper. I would rather spend my day without it. Dictators, viruses, prohibitions. And it is all just getting worse.

Wistful jangly guitar strings sew glistening bittersweet melodies around low pulsing bass lines, soft, hesitant glowing synth flows, and heart-skipping beats, to surround sad, lonely male vocals and droning back-up repetitions with a brooding, anxious disconnection before leading into a transformative interlude of slow, quivering keyboard stabs, to emerge in buzzing, zipping spirals of hope.

Arthur Tsymbal and Ignaz Engelmann direct the fun and flirty video to flow freely through an engaging comedic performance by Arthur Tsymbal with a special cameo by bandmate Egor Ivakhnenko. Candid emotions and incessant antics warm the heart to combine quirky dancing, indoor sport, and bathtub dwelling scenes against a creative variety of backdrops to elicit a peculiar sadness, as the oppressive state of world affairs lurks ominously nearby.

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Violent Youth Photo by @_pakis_ @pakis_photography