WL//WH Single Premiere: NASAL SPRAY “Never-Ending”

Single Premiere  Nasal Spray

WL//WH is glad to premiere “Never-Ending”, the new single from Nasal Spray, side project of Phil Taylor, the frontman of dark/surf post-punk band Sleeping Pills.

After delving into EBM/synth-punk realms under the Cold Medicine moniker, the Tampa, FL-bred explores uplifting and sensual retro synth-driven dream-pop territories with Italo-disco suggestions.

“Never-Ending”, ‘a song about the deepest feelings of love, devotion and confession in the midst of a starry night’, brittles with droning bass, slamming drum kicks and clear, melodic synthesizer patterns upfront over confessional dual vocal dichotomy, drenched in reverb, between a fervent, deep, baritone extrovert at odds with a distant, shy, introvert in a candid declaration of undying love and friendship synth-pop style.
Nasal Spray‘s debut full-length, “Endless Night” is due to be released on June through Chicago’s independent label Manic StaticRecords, with the first show/album release with Glove to follow.
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