WL//WH Video Of The Day: LOCUST REVIVAL “Horrible”

Video Of The Day Locust Revival

From the murkier corners of Brisbane, comes the deadly depressed ‘post-goth’ solo project of former The Swamp Creatures, Steven Schnorrer (half of noise-makers BARGE With An Antenna On It, and post-punk duo Chrome Leather) under his LOCUST REVIVAL moniker.

Founded in October of 2014, with already at least five albums under his belt, inspired mainly by the most dismal early phase of The Cure, the Australian artist has forged over the years a gloomy and menacingly enveloping visceral darkwave/post-punk sound made of piercing guitar melodies, sweeping eerie synths, bleak throbbing basslines and hypnotic beats over forlorn deep vocals that will haunt your safe dreams.

The Official Video for the song “Horrible” has just been dropped, the second preview off of the forthcoming 8-track self-titled album “Locust Revival” slated for release on October 31, 2019. Happy sad Halloween!

Dark moody atmospherics carry apocalyptic shame through deep, throbbing, poignantly bouncy basslines and light tapping mid-tempo drumbeats as reverbed post-punk guitar riffs and ominous, eerie gusts of synth set a down-trodden atmosphere of doom, where distorted, distant, blurred vocals lost in love, agony, and turmoil fall head over heels for the wrong person and discovers the meaning of self-sacrifice.

Poetic lyrics parlay a painful, deep understanding into the shallow nature of humankind and the constant struggle to make the right choices lest a person judge too harshly, and find  themselves in a self-imposed prison of guilt, as one tortured soul finds out, “This is true love, and all I know is pain.”

A narcotic haze of dull, muted neon slowly flickers into a  dim compulsion; smearing and contorting faces until they multiply and dissolve into a hidden landscape of human suffering. Shadows pulse causing beaks to protrude from the nasal cavities of men as their eyes twist wickedly revealing their demonic form. Surreal, gothic images of memorial gravestones and dead roses rotate into Rorshach inspired splitting organics as they mutate into disturbing, fantastical creatures in an other-worldly transformation of the flesh.

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