WL//WH Video of the Day: PURPLE DYNAMINE “Autumn Night”

Video Of the Day  Purple Dynamine

Hailing from Southern California, Purple Dynamine is a duo formed in 2016 by Kevin and April McVey, who take on ethereal, post-punk, darkwave, dream-pop and shoegaze influences to create their own style of music.

The pair have just released a DIY video for the track “Autumn Night” taken from last March split 12″ EP“Etheric Fauna & Pristine Antiquity” with Grave Saddles (Formerly Ambersmoke) via Recuerdos Ancestrales.

“Autumn Night” is steeped in a shimmering hazy and dreamy, yet disturbing, early 4-AD infused sound, made of reverent restrained bright synth that underlie hard skipping drum beats scattered among poppy dense ominous bass melodies with whining dizzying guitar harmonies and intoxicated, disconnected caustic vocals condemned by anger, fear, and alienation to coexist as disjointed minutiae blistering post-punk melodicism.

Lonely dark skies eclipse the starlight casting a dull glow through the leaves as they fall onto a figure lost deep in contemplation. Drawn into the crisp Autumn night by an invisible force to reveal repressed memories of shame, sadness, and longing. Echoes of a name stir in her mind as a tragedy wrought in “forbidden love” strike through her heart with guilt and fear. For a woman who tempted fate and lost.

A trippy video shot on location in Southern California uses a purple haze filter to malign the landscape with an unnatural macabre density engulfed in smog to create lysergic claustrophobia. Enhanced shadows enlarge and contort organic shapes into heavy, bulging, and bloated forms as curious camera angles beget faces in stone, an eye out of limbs, and laughing trees set against the backdrop of an illicit love affair doomed before it’s inception under the blooming cherry blossom.

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Photo by Cameron Puleo