WL//WH Single Premiere: Empathetic Assessment Module (EAM) “Tempted Late”

WL//WH Single Premiere  Empathetic Assessment Module (EAM)

Empathetic Assessment Module (EAM) is a Brooklyn based darkwave / coldwave collaborative project between Mexican-American Vicente and Iranian-American Kamyar, both with roots in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, that is about to release the sophomore EP “A Moment Longer.”

In the aftermath of their synth-heavy ride across the darker and lighter sides of coldwave that defined their 2019 debut EP “Half-Formed Dreams”, the new 5-tracker explores the extremes of the genre even further, both touching on new wave-inspired motifs and shades of EBM.

WL//WH is very pleased to premiere the hypnotically brooding pulse jumping NIN-tinged new single, “Tempted Late”.

An ominously throbbing, buzzing and crawling bass undertow littered in deep bleak, steady and repetitive rhythms, awash in pleasant, softly subdued emotional male vocals instil fear, danger, and anxiety into a hazy chaos pierced by dire, flickering, fluttering synth chords infused with shimmering, soaring alarms, to build to an unfocused, cluttered environment of conflict and tension around dismal lyrics about misplaced temptation and desire as a man confesses a one night stand with unexpected consequences.

Check for the visuals created by the onlyyesterday1967 channel.

An East Coast tour in support of the new EP is being settled, beginning with shows in NYC‘s reemerging dark music scene, don’t miss out!

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