WL//WH Track Of The Day: SOON, SHE SAID “Marieske”

Track Of The Day Soon, She Said

Fine and solid purveyor of the “beautiful noise, Brittany‘s 4-piece based out of Rennes, comprised of Laura Bruneau (bass), Olivier Duval (drums), Marc Corlett (guitar) and Julien Perrin (guitar and vocals), are back with 2-track ltd. cassette/digital EPTrack The Day/Marieske, following the excellent 2017‘s debut album “The First Casualty Of Love Is Innocence”. While “Track Of The Day” is an infectious bass-driven melodic chiming dream-pop tune with energetic guitar riffs, the immersive “Marieske” uncoils a distinctive misty, atmospheric shoegaze wall of sound.

A shard of high pitched squealing feedback introduces a relentlessly noisy and hazy flurry of swelling reverb-charged restrained guitar distortions and pristine melodies of sweeping melancholy, underpinned by repetitive drum pattern, that soar and swirl skywards over unintelligible drifting ecstatic vocals, with darkly emotions lurking behind, suffusing the introspective sheer mood of a bitter edge. The dense and intense tidal wave of reverberations vanishes in a brief, and oddly unsettling, off-kilter interlude of sparkling jangly chords and deep pulsing bassline, subsequently resumed layers of shimmering sonic bliss in a final burst of bedazzling brilliance.

An alluring, bittersweet, wistful shoegazing gem with its heart in the ’90s, albeit with a completely contemporary vibe that will resonate deeply with you.

Photo Ludovic Bu Locko.