WL//WH Review: The Thundering New MINUIT MACHINE’s “Don’t Run From The Fire” EP

WL//WH Review Minuit Machine

From the press kit – ‘Don’t Run From The Fire’ is about fighting, for who we are, who we want to become. It’s about understanding what we truly want and embrace it’

October 16th saw the brand new thundering release by the French, Parisian duo of Minuit Machine. ‘Don’t Run From Ther Fire’ EP follows 2019’s last amazing full album ‘Infrarouge’, and it is all another manifest of emotions on eruptive sounds within 4 new tracks and via Synth Religion (of course). It is not a  surprise anymore what the ladies Minuit Machine can do with their music, and also what they are able to spark with it. We all acknowledge the precious value of Hélène de Thoury aka Hante as a composer and synth player, for a long time now, and we always had our ears open to the style and the talent of Amandine Stioui at the front of Minuit Machine as she is the narrator of their ‘anguish’. But here, on their new record, things went a step ahead than before as ‘Don’t Run From the Fire’ is their way most intense and ‘aggressive’ work so far on both the music and its sonic approach by Hélène, and on the lyrics by Amandine. Τhey imposed new terms οn their game, they didn’t just try new sounds and new forms to their music, but now they already present the ready-for-the-battle new ‘edition’ of MM. They will make you wanna dance your heart out in order to express all the rage and the passion, and for the angst, you have inside. MM is still a darkwave electro duo that always tried the coldwave streams too, but now, either if it was Hélène’s new brought synthesizers and machines in the studio, or was Amandine’s DJ adventures in the underground scene of France, they created a new hybrid with a lot of dusty and intense Techno feel in it. Proof of that is the first official video for the opening track, the same ‘Don’t Run From the Fire’, with a clear message to the generations on the lyrics; Fight, it’s not a crime-To search for a better life-Don’t run from the fire.

The whole record is a brand new sonic motion for MM, while the lyrics and the whole performance by the vocalist reveal a more open character of Amandine Stioui’s. The ladies talk about their past, present, and future, and all these haunting and disturbing thoughts that can’t be easily told. Art, for them, is the perfect field to always express anything hidden from the sun…

‘Danger’…It’s silent everywhere I go-Is the world broken down? And we’re alone, Danger.  

ΕΒΜ to Techno with some pretty sad and true findings, terrible things all over the world…

‘Lovers Of The Night’…Dance until the sunrise-Fuck until you cry-There is nothing left.

And with a very ‘sweet urban fairytale’ for the end where the pressure may hit you hard…

‘To Control’… You turn me on when you’re weak-You turn me on when you use me.

All This Music by Hélène de Thoury/ All These Vocal lines and lyrics by Amandine Stioui. The brand new offering by Minuit Machine is a piece of work that clearly mirrors our ‘angelic’ world as it is today, and such records are not only needed for the same music itself in order to evolve but are also very important for a collective awakening and to the future researcher for understanding better what the fuck went so wrong in the societies of the Humans.

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photo by Caroline Bonarde

Written by Loud Cities’ Mike