WL//WH Review: ESTETICA NOIR, “AMOR FATI” LP [Swiss Dark Nights Label]


On May 4, Estetica Noir (Turin) published their fourth “Amor Fati” LP through the Swiss Dark Knights Label. The album contains 9 tracks within the flow of the wider post-punk, and it is produced by Riccardo Sabetti (This Eternal Decay, Spiral 69) who also participated in the track “The End Of Moraliadays”.  It’s a rich collection of songs gifted with emotion, soundscapes and meanings, combining the Darkwave with Coldwave and Post-punk with Art Rock and flowing easily like a river.

Estetica Noir are consistent in what they have in mind and how to weave it into their music, and the result justifies them since the album is full of several ‘chain reactions’. What do I mean? Take a look at their ‘explanations’ in their Bandcamp. You will understand, I stand by this:

“Amor Fati” is, as far as possible, an adult way of thinking with your child, the forced exit from the adolescent cosmic pessimism, the awareness of difficulties, the comparison with the inexorable flow of time and the rationalization of dreams, which precisely by virtue of their transience, acquire an even more fascinating and fundamental aura for one’s life, giving an unexpected vitality that feeds on the juice of the dying fruits…

The Italian post-punk school has been a trademark for decades. Estetica Noir are among the modernists of the current dark genre. I am saying this without neglecting the French, the English, the rest of the Europeans, and the artists overseas from the Atlantic and their valuable contributions and input. I hear a passion within the “Amor Fati” LP, as there are musical ‘explanations’ and also the clear golden rule of Post-punk: when a song is over alone, it must end without further ado.

Some other tracks on the album that I also found gems in every way are, “Faded”, “The End Of Moraliadays”, the cute interlude “Iter Vitae”, and “Stockholm’s Azure”, and why not disagree with me and you choose something else from the album. The only sure thing is that you’ll have a good time with “Amor Fati” LP, it’s danceable, it has movement, it has purpose and direction and it’s a pleasure to listen to it knowing that you’ll definitely hear Post-punk music (and here things are never rosy).

Press Play and Listen Loud (no headphones please)!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike




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