WL//WH Track Of The Day: IEVA “Spirited Away”

Track Of The Day IEVA

With their distinctive immersive and captivating heady juxtaposition of shadows and lights, North American cross-coastal atmospheric electronic band IEVA [pronounced “YEH-vah”], made of singer/lyricist Ieva Berberian (Los Angeles), electronic musician/producer Joel Darling (New York), and former Clap Your Hands Say Yeah drummer Sean Greenhalgh (Boston), return, after almost two years hiatus, with the new single “Spirited Away.”

Nostalgic lyrics tell a haunting tale of oppression and revenge from the eyes of an enigmatic observer.

Emotional-strewn arcane 4AD introspection and sluggish murky Trip-Hop grooviness crackle through a thick swaying hazy swarm of hypnotic, subtly clattering, rhythm patterns, treated shimmery guitar strums, sinuously bleak spirals of humming drones, and sparse wistful bright synth sweeps, to create a stifling sense of desolation around magnetic vocals layering wicked, tortured attitudes, with beautiful piercing cries and deep humming skies, evoking an array of tumultuous emotions.

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