WL//WH Single Premiere: Ummagma ‘Caravan’ ignites in a molten dreampop alt-rock explosion

WL//WH Premiere Ummagma

Canada‘s indie rock /dream pop /nugaze /electronic cocktail duo Ummagma released on May 8 and ahead of their third album “Compass” its leading single “Caravan“. The “Compass” LP will be released on June 21 via Leonard Skully Records, available digitally, on black vinyl and CD. Today they present the ‘Caravan‘ single, along with the special B-side ‘Ty i Ya‘. The title track is an invigorating indie rock anthem inspired by the musicians’ own journeys and infused with Carpathian gammas and percussion. ‘Ty i Ya‘ is a vibe-injected upbeat track, with infectious Daft Punk-esque bassline, that Alexander Kretov composed and performs in his native Ukrainian language. This is the
first single Ummagma has ever released in a language other than English, stepping beyond the confines of past songwriting limits.

Ummagma comprises of the lead singer Shauna McLarnon and the multi-instrumentist Alexander Kretov (who also made the cover design and artwork) who are so lucky to have hosted guest names like Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins), Dean Garcia (Curve), and A.R. Kane, in their previous releases, collaborations that speak volumes. Luck brings nothing though without talent and our guests from Canada are loaded with it. They present a magma of a solid and yet “liquid” musical approach of dream-pop oriented music which they easily blend with alternative rock spices, and electronic “wings” occasionally, and with an open mind toward almost all alternative genres they have already achieved their own trademark sound and style as Ummagma’s music always presents an exhilarating positive vision, showcasing their ability to wander diverse musical pathways. Listen to their useful and beautiful music!

“Caravan is about a personal journey – one that begins in the mind before any borders have even been crossed,” says Ummagma vocalist Shauna McLarnon and adds “The trip is so much better when you truly want to be part of it. You map your own destiny in many ways and dreaming is a great place to begin.” I must admit that while listening to the song I almost heard the lead singer’s statement. As for the B-side Ty i Ya”, they surprised me! I never thought that Ummagma would navigate in such waters. I thought that I knew them well and that I was very familiar with their music but that song came suddenly as a funk-o-groovy indie cat blinking its eye on me with vanity and style. I guess that the band will surprise me again in June with the “Compass” LP, and I am looking forward to!

Written by Loud Cities Mike

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photo by Oleksandra Kostiv